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Every Movie Buff’s Dream Come True!

Ever found yourself lost in the abyss of laziness and lethargy, not knowing how to spend your free time? When even your faithful smartphone can’t entertain you or bring some excitement into your life, the boredom engulfing you can be pretty depressing. Unless you do not allow that to happen. That’s when our billion dollar worth entertainment industry dives in to your rescue. Movies are being produced left, right and center, both in Hollywood as well as Bollywood and every year, a number of films grab eyeballs for their excellent content, entertainment value as well as the film-making prowess of the crew. Such films are lying in wait to entertain you and all you need to do is lay your hands on them. But how does one do that? Paying a visit to the theatres every time one is bored is not a viable option because it comes with a price tag and it also doesn’t allow one to watch at one’s leisure. So is there another alternative? Thankfully there is and this time, it can be accessed from your smartphone itself!

While piracy is never encouraged, there exist a few apps and websites that have worked their way around this to provide a massive collection of movies and sitcoms to the public for free. These include Netflix, Torrents, The PirateBay and so on. One similar app is ShowBox which has impressed millions of users with its exclusive features. Let us look into it more closely and gauge the reasons for its immense popularity.

Well for starters, other websites like Netflix have a billing system which allows the user a free trial of 1 month and then starts charging them monthly for their services. On the contrary, ShowBox charges you absolutely nothing even if you choose to download every single movie they have. That again would be a hypothetical situation because ShowBox offers one of the most massive collections and it would probably take a person years to go through a significant portion of their collection. ShowBox is even diligent enough to keep up with every episode release of the popular sitcoms and immediately uploads it for everyone to enjoy. Apart from this, it also offers enthusiastic movie buffs a wide array of genres to choose from by having a number of filters using which one can shortlist a movie easily. So does ShowBox have the latest movies? Absolutely. Every movie of 2015is ready to be downloaded, including the ones that reined the box-office. All you have to do is download the app.

For all the people who nurture a passion for movies and are not satisfied with the latest releases, ShowBox caters to their needs as well. Movie enthusiasts who wish to delight themselves with the releases of the early 90’s can also do so because this wondrous app has collections beginning from 1930. Clearly, ShowBox aims not only at impressing Gen Y but also the senior population by bringing a nostalgic smile on their faces and make them reminisce their days of movie watching. To add a cherry to the cake, ShowBox guarantees an HD viewing experience for every movie or episode downloaded. They do accept that a few of their videos, that are harder to come by, may have a poorer video quality but a majority of their movies and sitcoms, especially the popular ones are only in HD. Not allowing any compromise in quality is one of the reasons why ShowBox is racing towards the peak of the mountain of success in the world of free video streaming.

To add to the seemingly never ending list of this app’s positives, ShowBox also gives its users the luxury of choosing movies based on IMDB’s ratings as well as ShowBox’s very own ratings. It also has the exceptional feature of effortless streaming by minimizing the buffering time during a download. While this app isn’t available on Google Play Store, it can be downloaded on any Android based phone by following an easy, step-by-step tutorial available on the net. The latest version of ShowBox also allows free streaming of music. Like we needed another reason to love this app. Those who haven’t used this app and experienced the user-friendly interface first-hand might be a little skeptical about the tall claims made by this app but let me tell you that you can rest assured about its credibility. Having feedback websites painted with songs of praise by dozens of regular users, ShowBox is gaining a huge fan base which only gets bigger with every passing day. It also allows seamless streaming if you don’t wish to download and there is a special feature where one can enable Chromecase support and connect ShowBox to it. Also, any issues with the app can be reported and their efficient customer service will respond and provide a fix for the issue. Clearly, one does not need to emphasize on the fact that the makers of ShowBox left no stone unturned when it came to putting forward the best streaming service possible. Surely ShowBox is a boon to every movie buff, but doesn’t every coin have another side to it?


Piracy is technically a crime so if you delve into the technicalities, ShowBox is basically endorsing piracy and hence, criminal activity and by using the app, so are you! Movie making is an art and the objective behind prohibiting piracy is to discourage free distribution of a precious craft that deserves its due in the form of compensation. A dedicated team usually makes a film happen and by distributing it for free, apps like ShowBox make going to the theatre redundant. This has an impact on the sales oftickets, thus affecting the film’s business. So the bottom line is, piracy is illegal and so is ShowBox! In developed countries, more efforts are being put in to nip the problem of piracy at the bud but the process is a slow one. Blaming ShowBox is also incorrect because where there is demand, there will be supply and this app merely supplies. If there didn’t exist a demand for pirated videos, there wouldn’t exist an app like ShowBox. Hence, a judicious use of this app for movies which aren’t running in theatres would help in reducing unnecessary piracy. However keeping aside the aspect of piracy, one cannot deny that ShowBox is pretty flawless. It delivers everything it promises and most importantly, it is free. Gone are the days of boredom! Infact, I have already decided on what I want to download from ShowBox. Have you?


DNS Server Not Responding

Resolve DNS Server Issues on Windows

DNS stands for Domain Name Server, on very abstract sense it’s a server that stands between the web server and the user and it translates every domain the user type into their browser to an IP address. The domain names are human understandable, and they are provided so that the users can easily recall. However, server machines don’t work that way, only numbers are understood and if the DNS servers malfunction between the server and user communication, users won’t really reach their desired websites. To troubleshoot ‘DNS Server not responding’ error, following steps could help.


Verify the Problem

Not every DNS issue might be associated on a computer system, it could arise from a mis configured router or network switch. If you connect to the Internet Service Provider’s server by an IP address, verify you use the correct IP and DNS address combination on your router. Google DNS could be helpful as an alternate DNS address, if the ISP hadn’t provided one already. If everything is okay, try accessing the same network from a different device. If DNS server isn’t detected on one device only and the rest seem to work fine, DNS settings need to be configured on the troubling computer or device only. This way, you can verify a network problem on individual nodes that are connected to the network.

Fix Network Address on Windows

If you encounter the ‘DNS Server not Responding’ or a similar error on a Windows computer, the DNS server on that computer needs to be fixed. It could be either done automatically using the Windows Diagnostic Tool where the OS itself will assess potential network problems, evaluate them one by one and offer a solution if available. Otherwise, following are the ways to manually perform the fixing operation.

  • Open ‘Network and Sharing Center’. On a Windows 7 based PC, open Control Panel from the Start Menu. If you use Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 then Control Panel might be located under Settings. Also, if you are comfortable with using Run command box, open the box by pressing Windows + R buttons together, and type in Network and Sharing, then press Enter.
  • Click on Change Adapter Settings. The next window will bring a list of network adapters available on your computer, typically the Ethernet Adapter and a Wireless LAN adapter, if any. Right click on Local Area Connection, and click Properties.


  • Under the Networking tab, click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and click Properties. Check the radio button ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ and fill up either of the boxes with, which is Google’s DNS. If your ISP offers a DNS address, use the alternate DNS box for the Google DNS placement.

 Reset the Wireless Adapter

In Wi-Fi connections, very often the Wi-Fi adapter will end up having a conflicting IP address configuration, and resetting the adapter than solving each problem individually would rather be easy. Uninstall the Wi-Fi driver from Device Manager on Windows to reset the Wireless Adapter.



At least one of the above methods will resolve the DNS server issues you are having. If nothing works, you should contact your internet service provider.


Knowing More About Movie Box App For Android

These days, there are so many applications for Android devices sprouting in the four corners of the online world. These applications are developed by various individuals and companies, and they have different purposes. One of the application that is gaining more and more popularity from the moment it was introduced in the online world up to this day is the movie box app. What is a movie box app then? Is it very helpful? It is worth downloading? Do you need to pay for it? Let’s all find out.

What Is Movie Box App?

Movie box app is actually an entertainment kind of application that supports iOS and Android devices. Even so, this application may vary in several ways when it comes to iOS and Android platforms. In other words, in case you are an Android user, then you have to go for the moviebox for android. Through the assistance of this application, you can be able to watch the movies (full length) you want online, including a number of television shows. It can be done in just a blink of an eye.


Now the big question is, what are the amazing things that you can expect from movie box app for Android? Well then, there are so many great things about this application, and here are some of them:

Free Of Charges

One reason why a lot of Android users worldwide have been turning into this application is the fact that it will never charge you some amount for fees. Yes, you read it right. You don’t have to spend even a single dime from using its service. Registering yourself before you can fully utilize it is even not required. What you need to do is to download the movie box app for Android, and that is it, you can already watch the TV shows and movies you have missed. Isn’t that amazing for you?

HD Quality

Watching movies that have low definition quality is certainly an annoying thing for you. There is no way you will settle for these kinds of movies, right? With the movie box app however, you can never experience this annoying thing. It is simply because all of the movies available in the application are sure to be of HD quality. Why settle for less when you can have more then? These movies can even be downloaded directly in your Android device in just several seconds.

User-Friendly Interface

Another reason why movie box app for Android is worth downloading is the fact that it has a user-friendly interface. Meaning to say, there is no way you will have so many confusions while navigating it. It is because it has an interface that is designed in a simple way. Even those not so internet savvy individuals can make use of it without any sweat at all.


Various Movie Options

 This app is also packed with a lot of movie options. You can watch great numbers of Hollywood movies here in different genres like fiction, action, comedy and the like. What more can you ask for?

Movie box app is certainly the ultimate thing you need when it comes to watching a lot of movies and television shows. See it for yourself by downloading it on your Android device.


Fallout Shelter Cheats

Fallout Shelter, an Editor’s Choice Game of Google Play Games, puts the user in control of a state-of- the-art underground vault. The Game which has received massive awards and accolades has a huge user base and has frequent updates. The community is very active and the storyline is very attractive.

But as with any strategy games, one needs to have strong strategies in order to win the game. This article is made to lay out some fallout shelter cheats for the players so that they can progress at a much faster pace and enjoy the game without much difficulties:


  1. The player should build the vault with a purpose.
  2. One should place the civilians in the right rooms.
  3. Also care must be taken that everyone is happy.
  4. One should use the rush option only when it is absolutely necessary and with caution.
  5. Whenever one has resources, he/she should upgrade the rooms.

This were some of the strategies. Now coming to the cheats they are as follows:

  1. One can obtain epic loot by following the steps indicated below that works with a probability of 33%:
  • Send a single dweller to the wasteland for 2 hours who is equipped to deal with it.
  • Once 2 hours have gone by, check his/her log to see the time when he/she received a loot item.
  • Now 2-3 minutes after the loot acquisition, send out 2-5 dwellers outside for a time of 10 minutes.
  • Now close the game.
  • After a few minutes open the game and check if your first dweller has received an item or not. If yes, any dweller send after him will have a epic loot item. If not, repeat the process.



  1. After starting the game with a brand new vault, place the rooms accordingly and let the Dwellers occupy them. Now complete objectives as mentioned until one is either asked to equip a dweller with a weapon or sell a weapon. Instead of completing either of this objectives, complete the other objective until both of them are listed together. Now one will get a mission to get 50 pots of water or 50 food items or to level up a dweller. One can complete any of the three repeatedly without completing the two mentioned above in the beginning. These missions willquickly amass a pile of lunchboxes and coins.